Grain Finished Beef-SIDE

$ 200.00

Our beef is available by the side or mixed quarter.  This deposit is for our Non-GMO grain finished beef.  These animals are finished the last 3-4 months on grains that we primarily grow ourselves and never receive hormones, antibiotics, steroids or animal by-products. You can taste the quality.  Many people like to try smaller quantities such as a 10# beef sampler to taste it before purchasing an entire quarter.

The cutting options consist of a combination of steaks and roasts, as well as ground beef and other specialty items like wieners, stew meat, fajita meat and patties. A common cutting order would include steaks cut at 1 inch, roasts at 3-4 lbs, and 1 lb. packages for ground beef. When ordering a side or quarter, you can choose custom options. Visit our old blog page to see a cutting chart and butcher guide. 

You will purchase the side of beef by the hanging weight. The actual weight of the packaged meat you would receive is approximately 55-70% of the hanging weight depending on bone in or out cuts and if you choose to take soup bones, organ meat etc. The hanging weight of our sides are approximately 350 lbs (+ or - 20#) or approximately 225 lbs packaged meat. This works out to approximately $1,330 total or $5.91/lb packaged meat for everything from Tenderloin Fillets to Sirloin Tip Roast to Ground Beef including processing and delivery.

I believe you will find our prices to be very competitive and quality far superior to that of  the supermarket. The processor will walk through all of the cutting details so you know exactly what you are getting. Typically, a side will require about 7-8 cubic feet of storage in your freezer and feed a family of eight for a year.

Side: $3.80/lb hanging weight (including processing and delivery)

Customers who pick up at the processors in Lena, IL will receive a $40 discount/side.

Delivery sites:


Delivery will be to Woodstock Farmers Market, Madison and Milwaukee.  Customers are always welcome to pick up at the farm in Brodhead or at the butcher in Lena, IL.

Please check out here. The deposit will count toward the cost of the side.  Jen will communicate with you about your butcher dates, cutting orders and delivery.

All items will be delivered or picked up by you. No meat will be shipped.

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