Pork side or whole - deposit

$ 100.00

Reserve your pork now for DECEMBER butcher and January pick up or delivery.  Limited quantities available.
Our pigs are raise outdoors seasonally and in our spacious pig barn in the cold months.  They are fed high quality non-medicated (no antibiotics or steroids), non-GM(Genetically Modified) feed.  We grow much of their feed on the farm and source the rest from our local feed mill.  Their feed includes organic minerals to keep them healthy. We mix their feed weekly to keep it fresh and you can taste the difference! They have plenty of clean/dry space and access to the outdoors 24 hrs a day. 

Half hog: $4.00/lb hanging weight. A half hog should be around 90 lb.  This will yield about 60-68 lb table ready pork depending on the cuts you choose with our butcher. This price includes all processing and pick up on the farm or Woodstock Farmers Market. 

Feel free to give us a call with questions if this is your first time placing a custom order for pork.  We want to make sure you get exactly what you want! Your side of pork will yield these approximate cut proportions: 15# ham or ham steak, 13# chops, 8# bacon, 5# Ribs, 12# pork roast, 10# ground pork, sausage or brats. Lena Maid Meats has a large variety of options such as: roasts or pork steaks, boneless or bone-in chops, Italian sausage, flavored brats, sausage links etc...  Your imagination is your only limitation. Lard and organ meat is also available with your side or whole hog. You can choose Nitrate free and MSG options with our butcher.

Whole hog: $3.80/# hanging weight, including all processing and delivery. Cuts will be approximately double of those listed above. 

"Berkshire pigs provide true ‘heritage’ pork. They were recognized and prized for their eating qualities over 300 years ago in England. They have the oldest recorded purebred swine pedigree history in the U.S., starting in 1875."

Available for delivery or farm pick up at the farm in Brodhead, Madison, Wawatosa and
Woodstock Farmers Market delivery is year around.

All items will be delivered or picked up by you. No meat will be shipped. Jen will contact you with butchering information prior to the butcher date.

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