Chicken Leg Quarters

$ 7.50

Our delicious chickens are tender & juicy! The leg quarters come two to a package and are approximately 1.5 pound packages. They come in clear vacuum sealed packaging so you can see all the goodness.
These chickens are raised by us outside in the grass and sunshine.  The chickens start in our garage under heat lamps until their feathers come in and then are moved to a fenced pasture for the remainder of their time. We are using the day range model which means that the chickens always have access to the outdoors and shelter. The chickens eat grass, but the bulk of their diet comes from natural non-medicated, non-GM chicken feed mixed on farm from grains we primarily grow ourselves and organic mineral. These are Cornish Cross chickens.

Available for delivery or farm pick up in Green County WI anytime.  

Delivery Schedule:

On Farm Pick Up-Brodhead, WI. Anytime

Downtown Woodstock, IL: Woodstock Farmers Market at the historic downtown Woodstock Square every Saturday 8 -1 pm, from May-Oct.  The Woodstock Opera House is a good GPS location. Pre-order here and pick up at the next market.  

Madison WI- vomFass - Shorewood Shopping Center, 3248 University Ave, Madison, WI 53705. Every second Tuesday from 5-6:30 pm. 

If none of these delivery times and locations work for you please contact us to coordinate.

Please check out here.  The meat will be delivered on the dates indicated above.

All items will be delivered or picked up by you. No meat will be shipped.

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