100% grass finished, 5# Beef Sampler

$ 50.00

Grass fed and finished 5# Beef Sampler $50 approximate contents:
  • 1 Roast 2-2.5#
  • 1 Premium Steak
  • 2# ground beef in 1# packages  

This is our smallest sampler for those who just want a little taste before coming back for more!

Our cattle are raised to the highest standard receiving only kelp and salt for mineral and diversified intensely managed pasture.  Our pastures have a diverse blend of grasses, clover and legumes.  During the winter months these cattle eat stored forage consisting of pasture and alfalfa cut and stored at the peak of nutrition. You can taste the quality.  Many people like to try smaller quantities such as a 5#, 10# or 30# beef sampler to experience it before purchasing an entire quarter. 

Our grass fed steers are high in Omega-3 fatty acids and Conjugated linoleic Acid (CLA)! They have just the right amount of marbling (fat) to create a tender and flavorful beef!

I believe you will find our prices to be very competitive and quality far superior to what you may have tried in the past.  The lush green pastures with rich and thriving soil life make all the difference!

Please check the Delivery Calendar under the "How to order Tab" All items will be delivered or picked up by you. No meat will be shipped.

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