Treat your family to a pasture raised, antibiotic, hormone and animal byproduct free bird. These are broad-breasted-bronze turkeys known for their tender flavor and well...their broad breast for only $4.50/lb


Our chickens are raised in the brooder for 3 weeks under heat lamps until their feathers come in and then are moved to a fenced pasture for the remainder of their time. We use our portable chicken tractors on pasture to house the chickens and turkeys.  The 12 x 12 foot pens are moved every other day when the poultry are small and every day as they grow larger.  They always have fresh grass and bugs.  Much of their diet comes from natural non-medicated, non-GM chicken feed that we mix right here on the farm using the best ingredients raised on our farm or purchased from our local feed mill.


Whole Chicken: $4.00/lb
Chicken Breast w/back parts (2/pkg): $8/lb 
Thighs (2/pkg): $7/lb
Drumsticks (4/pkg): $6/lb
Leg Quarters (2/pkg): $5/lb
Wings (10/pkg): $4.50/lb