Our Story

Riemer Family Farm

Riemer Family Farm is a multi-generational natural live stock farm.  We are the third generation of the Riemer family to farm this land. We moved to the farm in 2010 after renovating the original 1857 Italianate Victorian farmhouse. Bryce's father Loren grew up on this farm and took ownership of the farm from his father in the 1970's. We lived in various places working, going to school and planting tiny gardens for a decade before we were finally able to move back to the farm, in 2010.  We now both work full time on the land and and with the animals. We home-school two of our daughters (ages 13, 11 & 5) and our middle daughter attends Juda school. 

Our farm has raised Hereford cattle since 1927. We have now expanded that operation with  Berkshire hogs, Cornish-cross meat chickens, Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys and most recently Red sex linked egg laying hens.

This years plan is to finish 52 cattle, 75 hogs, 2000 meat chickens and 200 turkeys. We  are transitioning to 100% grassed finished beef beginning this fall/winter of 2017.  Our plan is to keep providing our customers with healthy and natural products and expand to meet the demand of our customers.

All of our animals are raised free from antibiotics, steroids, hormones and animal by-products. Our animals are on grass as much as possible and their diet does not contain any GMO's. We pride ourselves in making sure that are animals are always happy and treated with respect. 

It is important to us to use sustainable practices so that this land can be viable for future generations. Some of these practices include no till planting, cover crops and rotational grazing. Customers are always welcome to visit our farm!


Customer Comments:

The meat was on point! Great people, uber nice, very helpful and friendly. Healthy choices from local people!

 Turkey was amazing. Family said the most moist they have ever had. Thanks.

Kathy: I have not bought ANY meat from a grocery store since I found you! You guys are THE best and I am so glad you do what you do. Thank you ?

Jenn: I'm buying eggs this weekend. You guys have THE best eggs at the Woodstock market- and that's saying something since I'm comfortable buying from any of the other egg vendors.