Our Methods

Riemer Family Farm's goal is to raise the best tasting meat in a way that sustains the earth for generations to come and respects the animals on the farm.

Our farm is a multi-generational natural livestock farm. Our family has raised Hereford cattle since 1927. We now also raise Berkshire pigs, chickens, laying hens and turkeys. We are the third generation of the Riemer family to farm our land in south central WI.

All of our animals are raised free of antibiotics, steroids, hormones and animal byproducts! Our animals are on grass when possible, are always treated humanely, have constant access to the outdoors and are fed rations of our non-GMO grains. Happy animals = delicious meat. We process our meat at local family-owned butcher shops. We raise much of our feed.

We pride ourselves on using sustainable practices so that this land can be viable for generations to come. We believe that when you respect and care for the land and animals healthy, nutrient dense food and a fulfilling lifestyle will be the result. Our customers expect the highest quality meat and eggs from us and that is what we continue to strive to provide.