Our hens are pampered little ladies.  They reside in a converted chopper wagon with plenty of space to roost and lay eggs.  They have constant access to the outdoors and range wherever they please all day long.  During the growing season our hens diet consists mainly of grasses, clover and whatever yummy wiggly treats they can scratch out of the soil.  The chickens are the clean-up crew in our grazing system.  They follow a few days behind the cattle in the pasture paddocks and clean up the bugs left behind in the manure patties to naturally control the fly population.  They are natures janitors! They move on to a new paddock every few days when the cattle move on. 

The ladies are less thrilled about snow then they are lush green grass, but the girls still wander outside on snow and ice when they choose to venture out.  During the winter their pasture wagon is transported to the farmyard with a ramp leading right into the chicken coop where they are fed and watered. As with all our animals their feed is homemade and primarily home grown with no GMO’s, steroids, hormones or nasty stuff.  Just corn, oats, beans, alfalfa, calcium, Diatomaceous Earth, PYK (probiotics, yeast and kelp) and organic mineral. Pastured eggs are superior to factory farmed eggs in a million ways! Here are just a couple articles about the difference.  Try them once and you will never go back!

Our quality eggs are $6/dozen