Our hens are pampered little ladies.  They reside in a large portable hen wagon with plenty of space to roost and lay eggs.  They have constant access to the outdoors and range wherever they please all day long.  During the growing season our hens diet consists mainly of grasses, clover and whatever yummy wiggly treats they can scratch out of the soil.  Our chickens are moved onto fresh pasture every few days, so they never run out of greens during the growing season.  We raise our eggs at a friends farm a few miles away on rented ground. He helps with the daily chores.  They have deluxe accommodations in our beautiful, portable hen house.

The ladies are less thrilled about snow then they are lush green grass, but the girls still wander outside on snow and ice.  They receive an organic feed as a supplement to their pasture. Pastured eggs are superior to factory farmed eggs in a million ways! Here is an article that is particularly brief and concise.  It compares the claims that egg companies make on their labels and the stark nutritional difference between pastured eggs and commercial eggs. Try them once and you will never go back!

Our quality eggs are $6/dozen