Riemer Family Farm is a multi-generational, diversified livestock farm.  Our family has raised Hereford cattle since 1927.  We now also raise Berkshire hogs, chickens turkeys and laying hens.  We are the third generation of the Riemer family to farm this land in Brodhead, WI.  We currently farm with Bryce’s parents and our three daughters. 

We enjoy raising Herefords for many reasons.  The meat quality and texture is outstanding.  They are gentle cattle and generally quite easy to work with.  As a matter of fact, our Hereford bull, Erwin, is one of the most gentle animals on the farm.  Our cows are very attentive mothers and give birth with little difficulty.  Herefords grow well on pasture and are quite hardy and healthy during the cold Wisconsin winters.
We take great pride in caring for the soil and raising our animals humanely.  We keep our meat free from hormones, antibiotics, steroids and animal byproducts.  Our animals are on grass when possible and have constant access to the outdoors. Our balanced feed is made on farm using grains that we have grown. We raise non-GM corn and use biological farming practices in order to sustain our fertile soil life and water supply. We process our meat at local family owned butcher shops.