October CSA newsletter October 15 2014

Dear CSA Members, 
The third Thursday of October is just around the corner, which means it's CSA pick-up week. It snuck up on me too!  I hope you have been enjoying your first share of meat!  As a farmer, it is so satisfying to be able to see the same customers on a regular basis and receive your feedback.  Not to mentions, we love to just chat when you come to pick up your meat!
Your Meat Share:
This weeks shares are a little heavy on the chicken. Meaning you will receive a large &  juicy chicken or half chicken.  I have included a great link to a "Gourmet Magazine" YouTube video about How to cut a whole chicken.  It really is quite easy if you do it properly.  For those of you with small shares you will receive a chicken half.  This video is also relevant to you, but only halfway! HaHa
It seems like it would work for everyone to come between 4-5:30 pm on Thursday, October 16th to pick up their meat. We have shortened the window of time on the back end by a half hour.  If this is a problem or anyone please let us know and we would be happy to accommodate. Remember to bring your empty canvas bag to trade in for a full one!

Small Shares:
Half chicken ~5#
2 beef steaks: T-bone, rib-eye, sirloin and/or porterhouse
1 package hamburger patties
3 packages of pork chops 2/pkg ~1# pkgs
Large Shares:
Whole Chicken ~+9#
3 beef steaks: t-bone and/or porterhouse and sirloin tip steak
2 packages hamburger patties
1 package of fajita steak
1 package of pork breakfast links
4 packages of pork chops 2/pkg~1# pkgs
We will have a few dozen extra eggs available on a first come, first serve basis also.  The eggs are from our yard ranging, antibiotic free & hormone free, spoiled hens. They are $4/dozen.  The eggs are Large and ungraded.  Let me know if you have questions about the eggs.
Some of you may be wondering "where's the bacon?".  In order to provide you with nitrate free bacon and ham we had to send it to a different processor than we originally used for these pigs.  The nitrate free process of curing takes much longer and so do the logistics of getting meat from point A to point B and back to A.  You will have both nitrate free bacon and ham in your next months shares. We do have some bacon and ham (steak and roast) available that have been cured with a modest amount of nitrate to preserve them.  If you are interested in purchasing them "a la carte" let me know.  Non-nitrate free bacon (1# pkg) is $7.00/#, ham steaks (1# pkg) $6.00/# and 4-6# ham roasts are $5.50/#. 
Recipes and tips:
Don't give up on the grill yet...yes, I write this as it's rainy and miserable out, but the sun will shine again.  We don't stop grilling for the season until the first snow flies! We also move the "grilling" indoors when it is to yucky out.  I'm almost ashamed to admit that I am a fan of the George Forman grill.  We also use a cast iron skillet to grill steakhouse quality steaks. Here is a link for cooking an amazing steak on the stove top.
See my latest blogpost about "Power Cooking" with a large chicken for some good ideas about getting the most out of your whole chicken.   
See you on Thursday,
Jen & Bryce